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Newcomers Club of Grand Traverse

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Welcome to the Traverse City area! We hope you'll consider joining the club!

Welcome to the website of the Newcomers Club of Grand Traverse!   Please explore the public side of the website to learn about our many events and activities.
Browse the various Activity Groups and Event Calendar as well as a list of contacts. We do a lot ... and have a lot of fun doing it!

If you are new to the area, but would like to get more involved in the community, consider joining the club. The cost is just $30 per person per year. 

A monthly program for all members is held, as a general rule, on the fourth Tuesday of each month. They usually have a local speaker covering an area of local interest and local knowledge. These monthly meetings begin in September and end in May. 

Two major events are scheduled each year, usually in the fall and spring, that are open to all members. We operate more than 25 activity groups like theater-going, wine-tasting, book clubs and more. Some activities are seasonal - like men's softball and golf - but others continue year-round.

And we also hold special one-time events ... tour a non-profit, or perhaps a baseball game, attend a concert or play, a painting party, snowtubing or a tour of Moomers. Every year brings new surprises!

We keep you informed through emails and updates to the website. Paid members have secured access to news on the homepage, photo albums, membership contacts, and more. And, as you sign up for activity groups, your activity-group leaders will keep you up to date each month with what's happening and where. 

Click here to see the range of activity groups available. Whether you participate in one or all, you'll meet folks with similar interests and share conversation and fun. 

For membership questions, please contact Bob Lockwood, the club's membership director, at or 248-348-1369.

Or, if you're ready to join now, just click below!

Please note while signing up:

- As you register, you'll be asked to indicate which activity groups you'd like to participate in. You can change these selections as any time, so don't feel you need to decide immediately. You can always modify your choices within your personal account later.

- If you are joining for yourself and on behalf of a secondary member like a spouse or partner, the Secondary member will select their activity-group choices later, once their account is activated.  Also, please note that, for joint memberships, the Primary member will be responsible for paying the dues of both members, and will be the only member to receive dues related communications.

Welcome to the club! Please click below to join now!